How Sleepytroll helps Ruth

How Sleepytroll helps Ruth


Everyday life is busy, but with a Sleepytroll you can get more done. Ruth Rabbe shared her story about how she uses the babyrocker.


Ruth Rabbe had her first baby when she was in her mid 40s, and she didn’t expect that her son would become a big brother, but he recently did.

While Ruth was pregnant with her first child she read everything she came across about babies and baby products, and was well informed. As she describes it herself “I went all-in”, and Facebook and Google “bombed” her with ads for baby products - just like she wanted. The ads she received were useful information, and she didn't hesitate to complain if a product didn’t deliver as promised.

One of the products she was introduced to was a “thingy” that could rock a stroller. She liked the idea, but was uncertain if this was a product she would actually need. Sleepytroll was the most expensive brand on the market, so she picked a cheaper brand. When the babyrocker arrived she wasn’t satisfied, she found it too weak and it didn't move the stroller much. On one of the Facebook sites for mothers she asked what experience other mothers had had with babyrockers, and they recommended Sleepytroll because it was more powerful and it was chargeable.

Ruth’s son was not a “complicated” child as she describes him, but he liked movement while sleeping. He slept well when she went for walks, but woke up as soon as the stroller stopped. When she had finished her walk she turned on the babyrocker so the baby could continue sleeping, feeling he was still out walking. That way the baby got the necessary sleep and she got a break to put on a wash or enjoy a cup of coffee.

“I have always worked out, and continued to exercise some time after giving birth”, she explains. At the gym they could bring the strollers inside, and the baby was usually sleeping when they arrived. She put on the Sleepytroll so it could rock the stroller, and for the first half an hour she exercised alone. When the baby woke up he participated in the workout together with her and the other mums and babies.

One piece of advice parents of newborns are given is “sleep when the baby sleeps”. It's good advice, but hard to follow if your child demands a rocking stroller in order to sleep. Ruth says “Sleepytroll did the job for me, and he got the sleep he needed”.

For his crib she bought springs to put underneath the bed feet, but it was hard rocking the crib by hand. She wishes that the babyrocker had an installation so it could easily be used on a babybed too. 

When she can, she buys second hand. “It’s wise not to be snobby,” says the mother. Like many others she has felt the pressure that everything has to be new, expensive and elegant for the little one, but really in the end; “Does the cloth for spit up need to be ecological and expensive?”'

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