How to help your little one with that important daytime sleep

How to help your little one with that important daytime sleep

Before your baby is born, you anticipate the joy it will bring you every day. What you don't see coming is the level of desperation you feel at night and even during the day when the baby just won't sleep. So, we thought we would share with you some tips that might help when everything else fails.

  • Primary needs

This might sound basic, but make sure that the little one is well-fed and has a clean diaper

  • White noise

From the womb, the baby is used to constant noise and white noise can help the baby to fall asleep.

  • Swaddle

Babies love to feel snug and secure, and to swaddle your baby gives the little one an extra sense of comfort

  • Baby stroller

Most babies fall asleep in a stroller in motion, so enjoy some fresh air while your baby sleeps

  • Baby sling

To carry your baby in a baby sling, close to your body, will calm the little one

Both strollers and baby slings are great options to help your baby sleep, but it often requires you to keep moving or the baby wakes up. And after weeks and months of bouncing, strolling, and carrying your little one nonstop to help them sleep your body may start to feel the consequences. All you dream of is just a little time to your self – to sit down with a coffee and a magazine, or perhaps a nap? On that note, we got one more suggestion on the list:

  • The Sleepytroll

Why not let Sleepytroll lend you a hand? With moves like those of a stroller in motion, Sleepytroll keeps your baby asleep after the stroller stops. And you can spend your newfound free time just the way you like. So why not try it out? Do what thousands of parents before you have done, let Sleepytroll lend you a hand.

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